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Corporate and Business Risks

We enjoy a challenge here at A&B. It’s likely that you do too, as to stay ahead of the competition, the business world demands innovation and resilience. So no matter where you’re located in the world or what your business does, you’ll find that our focus and commitment is constant.

We will identify your business risks, protect your exposure to it and find a solution that safeguards what is essential to you and allow you to be confident about your risk.

Whether you are operating in the UK, Ireland, US or indeed anywhere in the world, we will assist your business to achieve stability and give you the peace of mind through sound risk management and delivery of a competitive insurance programme.

To meet challenges every day, experience counts and that is why our client relationships stand the test of time. We work closely with our Corporate clients to deliver bespoke programmes, whilst developing more complex risk coverage to satisfy their growing needs for international expertise. Our teams in the UK and US are structured to handle a broad range of client needs, from complex multi-national companies to owner-managed single territory businesses.

Finally, as a member of the Willis Commercial Network, we have a truly global yet independent perspective. Being a network member grants us the resources and expertise of one of the world’s leading insurance brokers, yet our complete independence gives us the freedom to react quicker to our clients needs, without the huge global structure that standard International insurance brokers are weighed down by.


Public Liability covers costs and damages that a business may legally have to pay a customer, supplier, contractor or member of the public, due to accidental injury or property damage. This can be something which happens within or indeed away from, business premises.

Employers’ Liability insurance needs to be in place if a business employs people. As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees whilst they are at work, regardless of whether the incident occurs within or away from your own business premises.

Products Liability protects a business against costs and damages they may legally have to pay a customer, supplier, contractor or member of the public, due to injury or property damage caused by the product that you have manufactured or supplied.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability is cover designed to protect Directors, Shareholders, Senior Managers and indeed anyone who works for you, from prosecution brought about as a result of their daily working activities. Limited liability status of a business does not protect you from any prosecution relating to errors, omissions, mistakes or negligence caused by your personally or indeed by employees.

Cyber Liability protects your business from attacks on your IT systems and intellectual property, from both external and internal adversaries, as well as giving your protection from liabilities arising through actions of your employees, such as virus transmission and defamatory/libellous statements made from company email accounts.

Professional Indemnity/Liability provides financial protection for your business. Policy cover is designed to meet the high cost of defending claims and any damages which may be payable, should your business be brought to account by clients/suppliers who suffer a financial loss as a result of your alleged negligent design or advice, error or omission.

Environmental Liability protects companies from legal costs and damages, in relation to its’ activities which may impact upon the environment.

Property, Business and Motor Fleet risks

Property Insurance can be purchased either in isolation or as part of a package, to protect both the structure in which your business operates, as well as the machinery, equipment, contents and stock you put in it.

Business Interruption cover can be vital to ensuring business continues to operate should the worst happen. Cover is available in many forms to ensure a company protects it’s future income and profits, should it be unable to trade following an insurance loss.

Commercial Packages cover – We are able to offer cost-effective business cover packages, which provide protection for your buildings, stock, contents, liabilities and business interruption risks amongst other covers. A commercial package is often the easiest way for a business to ensure it’s majority of day to day risks are covered. All sections of cover are vital to maintain a stable business environment and provide peace of mind.

Motor Fleet Insurance – A&B are able to place cover for all manner of UK and Ireland based motor risks, covering a wide range of businesses who may operate a fleet of cars, up to Logistics companies who operate large truck fleets. We place cover only with quality Fleet Insurers and we also closely with our clients to help reduce their losses and claims frequency, thereby reducing annual insurance costs.